Textbook Answers !

Textbook Answers !


You can check all of your work that you have done in the textbook!

See you soon!

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Extensive Reading Books

Hi Everyone!

If you have one of the extensive reading books, please return the book to the main office at HELP. Thank you! Also, if you have not finished the online work for the book, please remember to do that very soon!

You must finish reading your book and do the following work:
a) Go to: http://erfoundation.org/moodle/course/view.php?

b) Click on the button that reads: login as a guest

c) Type in Enrollment Key: 2013-evals

d) Find the book that you read and click on the link to answer questions

e) The First Question: My group name + my name
Please type: Jay Tanaka, [your name]

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Website Survey

Please don’t forget to do the Website Survey!

Thank You!

You guys did a great job this term! You learned so much!

Awesome!  (^_^ )

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Finish Everything !!!

Hi guys!

(you can take the final test for The Bottle Imp twice)

You guys are awesome!  (^_^ )

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We are reading Hooked on Crime & Eye Witness!
For Eye Witness, do exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. For exercise 6, please choose two of the questions and post your answers for these questions in a reply at the bottom of this post. Finish the Eye Witness work by Wednesday!

We are finishing the exercises for these two readings!

Also, make sure that you are finishing up all of your participation work for the term!

If you have any questions, please meet with me!

We have only 3 more days left in the term!

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