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Answers for Confucius Reading Exercises

Hi Everyone, As usual, please compare your answers to mine and share any questions that you have by adding a comment to this post. Thank you! Exercise One: I chose A.   I didn’t like B because the reading doesn’t mention … Continue reading

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Scanning and Skimming

Hi Everyone!  Try these online scanning and skimming exercises from the University of Victoria in Canada:  scanning   skimming   It’s good practice! Thanks, U Vic !  Try to answer the questions as quickly as possible!   You … Continue reading

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The Bottle Imp

Hi everyone!  Your homework for the weekend is to read Part One of The Bottle Imp and add some vocabulary words to your vocabulary blogs.  This is your only requirement for this weekend. However, I’ll be adding some other items … Continue reading

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March 27th

Hi Everybody!  For homework tonight, please do exercises 5 and 6 on pages 31 and 32.  Also, read the article about Confucius again, answer one of the questions from exercise 7, and add your opinions to this post (write your … Continue reading

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Remarkable Individuals

Hi Everyone! Our next chapter is entitled  Remarkable Individuals. (I like this topic) We will be reading about Confucius and other great people. Homework for March 25th: Study the Confucius word cloud on the word clouds page, and add some … Continue reading

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