Homework for March 14th, 15th, 16th, or 17th

Hello everyone in 332R!

Have an awesome weekend! Don’t study too much! You’re in Hawaii !

For our first homework assignment, please do Scanning for Specific Information on page 130. Next, please do Recognizing Word Families on page 130 and 131(Sam, Eri, Haruka, Joy, Ari, Jimmie, and Mana will do 1-5; Kelvin, Ying, Emily, Jason, Chris, and Mishal will do 6-10). Finally, read the story careful two or three times and then do Getting the Meaning of Words from Context on page 134.

You do not need to post your answers to this blog! 

However, after you read the story, please think about the story, choose one of the three topics on page 135 (Guided Academic Conversation: Globalization and How It Affects Us), and write a response for one of these topics. Please share this response by posting a reply (comment) to this post. Try to use some of the new words that you have learned.

If you have a question, please contact me!


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20 Responses to Homework for March 14th, 15th, 16th, or 17th

  1. SAMbath says:

    Please have a greate weekend. 🙂

  2. haruka217 says:

    Hi, Rick. I chose topic1; chain stores.
    McDonald’s, Starbucks, seven eleven, and Yoshinoya(cheap restaurant of beef donburi), these four stores are very popular in Japan. The formers are foreign, and the latters are owned. I think the ownership is more important for McDonald’s and Starbucks. Both are so popular in the world and they have many fans, so they don’t need to improve their products so much. They already have very popular menu. In contrast, the product is more important for seven eleven and Yoshinoya. Because there are many rival companeis even they have many fans. So they have to improve thier service to get more fans. I think foreign chain stores help my local economy because when I go to both stores, there are always crowded. So they should make huge money. Lastly, I like Starbucks because the shop assistant don’t care how long I stay there. I can study long time there.
    Thank you. See you on Monday.

    • help2013rick says:

      Starbucks has free Wi-Fi Internet for those who buy a cup of coffee, and I do the same thing that you do – I study in Starbucks for many hours at a time.

      Occasionally, I see someone who is studying and using the Wifi at a Starbucks, but they have not purchased a drink or any other item. This infuriates me. I see the same thing at Barnes and Noble cafe too.

      Has anyone ever read the Terms of Use for the Wi-Fi Internet at Starbucks?

  3. Tsun-Yu Pan says:

    Aloha, Rick. I choose topic 1;chain stores.
    We have KFCs, Burgerkings, Pizza Huts, McDonald’s, and, of course, 7-eleven. All the stores or restaurant are from the U.S. And some of them, especially 7-eleven, had become the representative of all the same business. All of them have to find an agent in Taiwan to use the brand because of the law. And I think the product is more important than the ownership. Because I found it is very important to be different between the branches of all around the world. For example, the KFC in China, U.S.A., and Taiwan have the different menu. Of course, even the menu said the same meal, they are tasted different. I have heard so many times about the Chinese student complaining how not tasty the food in KFCs of the U.S. For the economy, I am not sure if they have help. The agent of 7-eleven and Starbucks in Taiwan is a notorious liar. It always use the cheaper but more dangerous materials to make food and sell us in high price (the prise of a cup of coffee in Starbucks in Taiwan can buy 1.5 cups of the same coffee in the U.S.). But the McDonald’s always do welfare measures to the poors and sick children. At last, I like some of the chains like Burgerking and KFC. Because they make me to know about American food before I have been here, even they don’t serve the totally original flavor.

  4. liying says:

    Topic: Owning your own business
    Yes, I would like to have my own business someday, because having my own business would be free time schedule and maybe can make more money or lost more money. I think owning your own business will have more risk to work for someone else. In my country, I think many banks have outlets in other countries, such as Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and so on. Yes, I think I would like to consider working for one of them and I would work for a chain from a different nation. Because it can know some different cultures from different nations, and a chain business company usually has a well management system. I think I will work in a chain company after I get the degree, and then I would like to have my own business.

  5. Eri says:

    Hi, Rick and everyone 🙂
    I chose topic 3, Fast Food: a Curse or a Blessing?
    I think if I eat junk food almost everyday, I’m sure that it is bad for my health and my nutritional conditions too. Sometime it is cause serious disease such as diabetes. However, some good advantages are I can get tasty food for very cheap price and no need to wait for a long time to get for the food. I can oder food takeout or use drive through easily. Some fast foods are open for 24hours which is good for the people who has no time to eat. I think it’s very convenience for hectic Japanese business man. I would like to open some fast-food sushi chains in foreign countries because sushi is very popular Japanese food from all over the countries. Also it is very healthy diet. That might be a successful business to open fast-food sushi in the world. I want to set up the beautiful Japanese four seasons pictures hung on the wall.(spring for beautiful pink cherry blossom in Tokyo, summer for nice blue ocean in Okinawa, autumn for pretty red and yellow leaves in Kyoto , and winter for transparent white snow in Hokkaido) I can enjoy eating sushi with wonderful my hometown. I will give the name “fantasushi”. It means “(great, delicious)Fantastic Sushi in Japan”
    Do you think it will work out or not?! I wonder….
    See you guys on Monday. Have a nice weekend:)

  6. Emily says:

    I chose topic 3.
    Fast food usually mean bad or unhealthy food. It’s advantage are faster, cheap, and no washing dishes. People are always in a hurry and do not like expensive things. Also fast food tastes good to a lot of people.

    If my group has been given money to set up a new international fast food ” Bibibam”.It is easy to make and is very healthy because there are a lot of vegetable. I like to clean in the restaurant. The customers enjoy to choses to what type of vegetables and meats. I’d name the business ” HY-Bibibam “. I want the customer knows that it is a fast food restaurant healthy.

    Thx..see u tomorrow 😜

  7. Kelvin says:

    I choose the 3rd topic: Fast food: a Curse or a Blessing?
    Fast food means bad food because fast food are unhealthy then fresh food. The advantages of the fast food is more faster, cheaper and tastier. Fast food is for people who are busy because they have no time to prepare a good meal for themselves so they choose fast food for meal. if my group has been given money to set up a new international fast food chain foreign markets, I would like to sell foods like subway, because there are a lot of vegetable inside the food and it is not too expensive. I will name my business as “FCH”. FCH stands for faster, cheaper and healthier.

  8. Jason says:

    I choose topic 2
    I would like someday to have my own business.
    If i want i can take over my fathers stores.
    I can not decide yet. First live a little bit in Hawai`i and then maybe i can really say yes or no.
    We have like Mc Donalds or Burger King, Starbucks. I would not working for them.
    Because i learned in a diffrent section as this companys.
    Thats it…
    Bye bye

  9. Joy says:

    Hello 332R friends and Rick :3

    I chose number 2 (Owning my own business). The reason that I chose number 2 is that I would like to have my own business someday. However, before owning my own business, I want to learn how to administer, operate, and maintain my business. If I do not know about management, my business profit might decrease within 1year. After acquiring the skills, I rather want to start my own business, because I do not want to argue with my boss. In addition, I like working in tension-free and employee friendly environments. The most important thing that I like about running my own business is that I do not need to divide up my salary with other employees. Although Korean’s chain stores, companies, and restaurants, such as Sorabol, MCM, and Café bene, are globally distributed, I am not interested in working for these three chain stores. However, if companies are related to design, I would like to work for them. Particularly, if I can work in a design company in different countries, I really want to work for them, because I might learn different working styles from there. Each nation sticks to unique management methods, so it will be a good opportunity to build up my experiences.

    I hope you guys had a nice weekend ☺ See you tomorrow with a smile ❤

  10. Mana says:

    Hi, everyone
    I chosed no1; CHAIN STORES
    in Japan there are many popular chain stores like Coco ichibanya,oshinoya, watami end so on.. These restaurants were born in Japan. And recently, some chain store is held in other countries. In fact, there is Cocoichibanya and marugame and others in Hawaii.
    I think it helps local economy and at the same time it is good opportunity to be known by foreigners.
    Also I think the product is more important because the company supposed to make same product. If it’s not same, it means it’s not same company.

    see you tomorrow 🙂


    • help2013rick says:

      There’s a Lawson’s in Waikiki. Have you seen it? I think there are two. I went inside once, and I was disappointed because there were few Japanese products. I miss Family Mart…

      – Rick

  11. I chose chan stores.
    MacDonald, Starbuks, KFC and so many chain restaurants and cafes in Korea. These chain stores provide clean some sitting places and parking lots for their customers. My favorite fast food restaurant is MacDonald because of sevral reasons. Frist, Macdonald is one of the global fast food restaurants, and they opend 24 hours. It means that consumers can buy their products almost all of the countries anytime. Therefore, consumers can buy their products easily and comfotably. Next, they provide convenient services for their customers. For instence, some of Macdonald have drive througt for driving customers, and some of Macdonald in korea have delivery service for busy customers. Anybody can call the Macdonald and then orders over 7 dollors their food, their workers deliver the food in front of the door in the customer house quckly. In addtion, consumers spend not much money to buy ther products. Lastly, they’re helping activity economy almost of the world. when They open new chain their restaurant, They need to local workers, so they hire local residents. I think the local residents can get a job because anybody can work there without special skill or education. In my opinion, thses chain stores provide good price to there products and good marketing of service for consumers, and they contribute global economy.

  12. Maishal says:

    I would make a law firm in the future because my country requires many lawyers and the business is kind of a new business especially business law. this firm can make a lot of money and it does not need many employers. it is still one of my dream . it is only need $ 200000 to start

  13. Chris says:

    i choose fast food: a curse or blessing.
    in taiwan, we have a lot of fast food. some people think fast food is not good for our heathy. but fast food is cheap and convenience. most people do not have enough time to eat when they are working, therefore the fast food is a best choice for them. i would set up like KFC or McDonald’s, and i will add more vegetable meal. and i would call my business to “Help”. this meaning is help your heathy.

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