Vocabulary & Reading Blogs

Hello people! 

When you have finished creating your Vocabulary & Reading Blog, please reply to this post and show me your blog’s URL address. I want to see your new blog! 

After this, please click on the Word Clouds page above, and click on The Luncheon. This link will take you to a cool word cloud. Play with this word cloud and explore its vocabulary. When you click on a word, you will get a Google search for that term. It’s a great way to study vocabulary for our next reading! 

Last, please choose several of the words and make a post for your new blogs. You may choose to simply list the words and give the definitions for them. However, you may also choose to give examples that you find online, share images, or anything else. Be creative! Explore these words and make an awesome post for your blog! You may even want to share a link to a video or website for each word. Study all the words that you do not know! 

If you have a question, please contact me! 


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13 Responses to Vocabulary & Reading Blogs

  1. Tsun-Yu Pan says:

    Here is my new Vocabulary & Reading Blog.

  2. Jason says:

    Here is my new Vocabulary & Reading Blog:


    The Luncheon link does not work.

  3. liying says:

    My blog address is l
    but I do not know how to make catalog and post something on it, sorry.

  4. Joy says:

    Hi ❤ everyone ! this is my blog address !

    * Rick! I can not open The Luncheon link T.T

  5. Hi, this Ari.

    I don’t know why, l couldn’t open the luncheon link on my smart phone, but i will try again on my computer later. ^^

  6. haruka217 says:

    Hi, Rick. This is my blog. And I couldn’t open the link either. Sorry.

  7. Sambath Yann says:

    This is my blog, CamboShare.


  8. Eri says:

    Hi Rick
    I changed my blog’s so I just send the URL address.
    Thank you.

  9. emily0502 says:

    Hi. This is Emily’s blogs. No picture now..hehe

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