Wednesday, March 20th

Hi Everyone! 

Tonight, please read The Luncheon again. Also, you can listen to the audio version while reading it (click on the Audio page above). After reading it again, please answer one of the four questions in part 7 on page 148: 

Ari, Mishal, & Haruka = Number 1 (part 7 on page 148)

Jimmy, Chris, & Kelvin = Number 2 (part 7 on page 148)

Mana, Joy, & Ying = Number 3 (part 7 on page 148)

Eri, Emily, Jason, & Sam = Number 4 (part 7 on page 148)

Write your answers and add them to this post. If someone in your group has already posted his or her comment, please reply to his or her comment. 

Last, please do section 4 and section 5 on page 146 and 147. We will go over these tomorrow at the beginning of class. 


Have a great night! 


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8 Responses to Wednesday, March 20th

  1. Joy says:

    Hi 332r friends:3

    I am going to talk about the most embarrasing situation of mine.

    When I was a highschool student, I had mother’s credit credit card. One day, I really wanted to go to Pizza hut so I went there with my friends. Actually, my friends didn’t want to go there but after I said ” Your dinner is on me” my friends arrived Pizza hut earier than me. We ate 5 whole pizzas and salads. The cost was totaly $120. The moment that I pay, the clerk said ” Do you have another card.” I was making a puzzled look because I didn’t have an extra card. After that I called my mother and I explained about bad situation that I was in. My mom said that our credit card was expired so we can not use it anymore. At the end, my mom came to store not on her purpose.
    Even though the time past, I feel embbarased.

    See you tomorrow :3
    Aloha, Joy

  2. liying says:

    My embarrassing situation is that I went to restaurant with one of my friends, we talked a long time after dinner, so we ordered some wines and dessert. We forgot bringing our credit card and had not enough cash to pay the bill. And then I called my mother, after a few minutes, my mother came to the restaurant and paid the bill.

    I think my story is similar to Joy.

  3. Eri says:

    4, My answer is that I think people should write down the budget everyday, so that means it is easy to see how much money you spent everyday. Some people do not keep all receipt, and also they do not keep a household account book which is very useful for save money. In addition, people really do not know how much money exactly they spent every month. Another reason is that people do not have good planning skill. In other word, they tend to spend money what they want easily. They should learn how to make the good planning of money beforehand, then they can go shopping or whatever. My point is that these reasons are cause of making money trouble. What do you think of that?

    • Sambath Yann says:

      I do support your good idea about saving money. I would like to add more about some method to prevent from money problem. We better cut down some unplanned budget like going out on weekend or extravagant shopping.

      I don’t think it’s a fault of credit card, it is because of we ourself are not serious with money management.

    • Emily says:

      Money is very important and delicate part. Many people know that. But, “why they have money problems?” They don’t care saving and just spent money. I think we need to study finance. We lean money’s value.

  4. haruka217 says:

    Hi, Rick. This is Haruka.
    My question is number 1, “Why do you think the woman behaved as she did?”
    I can’t understand this article very well, but I think she wanted to take advantage of the young man. She really likes to eat expensive foods. So I guess she always eat a luncheon with a guy and lets he pay the charge to save her money. She knows that young men usually can’t decline her ask. So she aimes young men. She doesn’t care how much the charge is going to be. I felt she was so clever and mean. haha
    Thank you, see you tomorrow.

  5. Mana says:

    Hi, everyone.

    I will tell you about my embarrasing situatio that I’ ve been in.
    One day I had to go to do my part-time job.
    After just finising my job, my sister called me and said ” buy something to eat and come to home” so,I went to department store and I tried to buy some food for my sister. That time, I didn’t have enogh money because I didn’t need bring money to my work place. but I had only a credit card and I tried to use the card . However this card didn’t work. I couldn’t use it and I had to return everything. Also, I said to a clark ” I’m so sorry I don’t have any cash”
    It was an embarrasing situation.

  6. 1. When I read the Lunchean, I felt she has propensity to exaggerate. I hope to her hehaviors were not deliberate, and she is just quite an eccentric individual. I think, most women and including me, when we have dining with an engaging guy, YES! we trying to appeal to him. During the meal, we might be concerned about our appearance, gestures, behavior and speeking. Also, we tried to keep an insidious smile or a fetching smile until we got home. Usually, most obese women think that they’re not eat too much and they nee on a diet. Interstingly, most skinny woman think that they’re not skinny or they need on a diet. However, her saying and hehavior do not correcespond excessively. In Korea, a woman hehaved as she did, we calld “Princess.” or ” flower snake.” The Prncess means like a spoil woman and the flower snake means like glod digger.

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