Hi Everyone! 

Here are the links to the videos about irony 

verbal irony

situational irony

dramatic irony

Please watch the videos again, and post any comments or questions about irony to this post. Also, after watching the videos, you can click on the Think tab and answer the multiple choice questions. It’s fun. You will encounter a lot of irony in written English, so these videos are useful to watch and review. 

Have a great weekend! 


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4 Responses to Irony

  1. I found interesting vidio.

  2. Rick, I solved these qustions and then checked the answers, but the website showed just “Thank you! You have () More Questions.” even though I chose wrong ansers. ;; I was happy for all questions correct, but I felt some thing strange, so I tried to check wrong answers. Unfortunately, thay showed the same page ” thank you! you have more questions” . I don’t know why. I tried it again after log in the Ted, but I have a same problams.

    • help2013rick says:

      I’m sorry to hear this, Ari !
      I don’t know why it was not working.
      I have tried TED.ED many times, and I’ve never had any problems.
      Usually, you can see the ones that you got correct or incorrect.
      I’ll check and see if I can figure out the problem.

      – Rick

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