March 27th

Hi Everybody! 

For homework tonight, please do exercises 5 and 6 on pages 31 and 32. 

Also, read the article about Confucius again, answer one of the questions from exercise 7, and add your opinions to this post (write your answer to the question and add it as a comment to this post): 

Group #1 will do the first question

Group #2 will do the second question

Group #3 will do the third question

Group #4 & #5 will do the fourth question


Have a discussion with your group mates on this blog post.
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7 Responses to March 27th

  1. Q4, What is the meaning of “jen” and ” li”?
    I think “jen” means human heartiness, goodness, humanity or humanness. It is the highest confucian principle. People cultivated by it are human individuals who exhibit benevolence and care toward others. They are motivated by a deep empathy for others what might be called “human-heartiness.” On the other hand, “li” means the mechanism by which all of life is ritualized and declared “sacred” in a sense. Thought it, life is properly ordered and harmony is established. Although the concept of “li” existed in ancient ritualized ancestor worship in a limited and narrowly religious form.

  2. liying says:

    I don’t think so. Actually, it depends on what kinds of things. If government prohibits something that is helping for the country, like stopping drivers to talk cellphone while they are driving. If not, the government does not prohibit too much. I think before ideas become a law, they don’t really can be prohibited, but, if they become a law, the law’s power is strong, it can control something.

  3. emily0502 says:

    In Korea, Confucianism has formed an important of the religion and philosophical culture long time ago.

    • haruka217 says:

      Q1. Why has Confucianism had such an enduring influence?
      In my opinion, Confucian teachings aren’t so difficult to understand. Even people who don’t take high education can understand and the teachings are related to daily life. That’s why Confucianism has had an enduring influence, I think.
      Thank you

  4. Q2.Yes, I think that the gornment need to exert some of parts control their citizens such as drugs use and sale, DUI,taxs duty, crimes, If we don’t need the government, why do we take vote for presidents and the politictions, and follow laws? I think the government has a right for citizens, and the power from thier citizens, I don’t think that the government can control everything about their cirizens or use force, A country is composed of severeignty, territory and people. The government has to base everything the constitution. If the gornment doesn’t care about he constitution, (such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, privacy etc..) the gornment will become a despotic sates, like the Noth Korea. I support that ” Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish form the earth.” by Lincon.

  5. envyjpark says:

    It was hard to me to understand the concept of Jen and Li
    So I googled and found two websites which explain about these two in detail.

    – Jen (pronounced “ren”) is translated into English as “humanity” or “humaneness.” It is the highest Confucian principle. People cultivated by it are humane individuals who exhibit benevolence and care toward others. They are motivated by a deep empathy for others – what might be called “human-heartedness.”

    – Li is a companion virtue to jen in many respects – the other side of the same coin, so to speak. It is translated as “ritual” “propriety” or “etiquette.” It is this dimension of Confucian philosophy and ethics that makes it “religious” more than anything else – the element of ritual.

  6. Sambath Yann says:

    Question 2:
    I don’t think the governments should exert control over their citizens by prohibit all idea, because most of the idea is a big source to develop one community to grow up. But also some idea that might cause big problem to the country should be prohibited. For my own idea, I think it’s not good if the government is too much strike to their citizens, it might cause many problem to the country.

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