Answers for Confucius Reading Exercises

Hi Everyone,

As usual, please compare your answers to mine and share any questions that you have by adding a comment to this post. Thank you!

Exercise One:

I chose A.   I didn’t like B because the reading doesn’t mention any ideas about mathematics, and I didn’t like C because the book was not his doing. A gives the best summary.

Exercise Two:

  • childhood is the condition of being a child
  • background is a person’s history; everything behind a person
  • a principality is an area ruled by a prince
  • cornerstones of a philosophy are the main points of the philospophy
  • benevolent means wishing to do good things
  • defender is someone who defends
  • outlook is the way you look out
  • an innovator is a person who starts something new
  • commoners are people who are common

Exercise three:

  1. c
  2. g
  3. d
  4. b
  5. f
  6. e

Exercise four:

  1. enduring
  2. influential
  3. easily
  4. political
  5. primarily
  6. governmental
  7. Confucian
  8. philosophical
  9. modernize

Exercise five:

  1. j
  2. e
  3. n
  4. a
  5. h
  6. l
  7. k
  8. o
  9. c
  10. f
  11. m
  12. b
  13. g
  14. i
  15. d

Exercise six: (answers might be different)

  1. true
  2. false
  3. false
  4. true and false

Please share any comment or questions that you might have!



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3 Responses to Answers for Confucius Reading Exercises

  1. Hi, Rick,
    I have some questions.
    Textbook P27, #1
    My answer is C.
    Why did you think A is correct answer?!
    And one more thing.
    P32 #6,
    4. My answer is True.
    But why did you think your answer is True and False?!
    Could you explain more specific about it?!
    Thank you

    • help2013rick says:

      Good Questions, Eri !
      Thank you for these questions!
      I would not be surprised if several other students have the same question about #1 on page 27. This was a hard question. Don’t feel bad about your choice. C is a good choice. In fact, C and A are both good choices. Most Importantly, B is not a good choice because the article never mentions mathematics. I chose A because “philosophy” is a more important keyword in the reading than “book.” C might be the best choice because we can argue that Confucius’s ideas were not “continuously” popular until today. You made a good choice!

      As for #6 on page 32, I chose T and F because I don’t think that any society is capable of agreeing completely about anything, but if a society were capable of such agreement, and followed Confucian ideas, yes, it would probably be peaceful. However, wouldn’t a society that agrees on any form of government be peaceful?

  2. Eri says:

    Hi Rick
    Thank you for your respond.
    I understood pretty much of these answers.
    Thank you

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