Scanning and Skimming

Hi Everyone! 

Try these online scanning and skimming exercises from the
University of Victoria in Canada: 

It’s good practice! Thanks, U Vic ! 

Try to answer the questions as quickly as possible!
You can write a comment for this post, telling us how quickly you found the answers and how many you missed. Also in this comment, share your ideas about scanning and skimming. What helps you to find specific information quickly (scanning)? What helps you to find general information quickly (skimming)?

I look forward to reading your comments!

If you want extra reading practice, try this:


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10 Responses to Scanning and Skimming

  1. Hi, Rick.
    I tried this scanning and skimming. About scanning, I found the main words from the sentences, I got 3 out of 5. but skimming I did not have enough time for the last two questions, so I could not do well on the part….I got 2 out of 5.(oh well….)
    I guess I need more practice!!
    Thank you so much for sharing us such a good web sites about scanning and skimming.
    Good night!

  2. haruka217 says:

    Hi,Rock. I did both of scanning and skimming. The score were 5 out of 5(scanning), and 2 out of 5(skimming). I think scanning is easier than skimming because I can find key words from question sentences. While I’m doing scanning test, I don’t read an article. Just find answers.
    But skimming, I have to read. I tried to read only first and second sentences(I thought
    there was main topic in a first sentence.) to save time, but I got wrong answers. To skimming, how should I practice?
    See you on Monday.

  3. SAMbath says:

    It’s such a great source to improve my scanning and skimming skill. First time, it is a bit faster, but I help help me after I know the technic to find the key word. I keep doing many time with different questions. It is hard, but fun and helpful.

  4. envyjpark says:

    Hi Rick! It is such a good practice that I can improve my skills!
    My skimming score is the same as scanning score :-)! 4/5
    I think I can do this practice more than 10 times a day! <3<3<3 thank you for giving a good source to us <3<3<3 Happy easter day 🙂


  5. emily0502 says:

    Hi.. i tried it . Reading hard!!!
    I think I need more practice.
    Do u have easy one? or short?

  6. I tired to read only 2 pages of scanning and skimimg. I got the scores (scanning) 2 pages =93% (skimimg) 2 pages 100% It is pretty challenging for me, but I like it.

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  8. dwnfnal says:

    Timed Scanning Exercise: 79% and left 47 seconds.
    Timed Skimming Exercise: 86% and left 1:11

    Looks like I can slow down and read more carefully.

  9. liying says:

    Hi, Rick
    My scanning is correct 3questions, but skimming is not correct anything, it is hard for me.

  10. help2013rick says:

    Hey Everybody! I’m proud of your efforts! Good Work!
    You are all doing very well !
    On Monday, hopefully, I will show you guys some skills that will help you when doing skimming and scanning. We will improve!

    You guys are awesome!

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