Final Work for Chapter 7

Hi Everyone!

Our homework tonight will be to finish Chapter 7 in our textbook:

Finish Reading Courage Begins With One Voice. 

– Read Courage Begins With One Voice while listening to the audio recording.

– You have already completed the first 2 exercises; tonight, please complete exercises 3, 4, and 5 on pages 164, 165, and 166. 

– Finally, please Leave a Reply at the bottom of this post where you answer one of the questions in exercise 6 on page 166 or 167. You may choose your favorite question to answer.

Don’t forget to have at least 20 vocabulary words on your vocabulary blog by Wednesday morning!

Come to meet with me if you have any questions about anything!

My office hours are on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

(^_^ )  RICK


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13 Responses to Final Work for Chapter 7

  1. Eri says:

    Hi Rick and everyone,
    I chose #4 on P167
    My answer
    I think Juliana Dogbadzi is the most courageous person, because she never lost her wish that was trying to help other slaves and let them free. Even she had really hard time for 17 years. I can’t imagine how harsh in her life. Some people might feel suicidal because of the crazy situations. However, she said,”Unlike most of the others, I got over the fear instilled by the Trokosi system. This was my weapon.What I do is dangerous, but I am prepared to die for a good cause.” That means she is ready to die for save other slaves. I mean, if I were her, I cannot do the same things that she was trying to do. Therefore, she is my most courageous person.

  2. envyjpark says:

    Hi everyone! :-3
    I chose number 4 on page 167.

    I think Kailash Satyarthi is the most courageous person, becasue he is courageous and a very hard worker. Also because he has given thousands of children their freedom back and is determined to achieve his goal to end poverty. I learned a lot about child labor and that it is a very important issue today. Even though there are many child laborers, I believe Kailash is making a very big difference. Imagine all the children working all day and tortured, how would you feel if you had no control of your freedom or life?

  3. Sambath Yann says:

    Hi Class!
    I’m interested in question number 4 on page 167.

    Yes for sure, everyone in this whole world want to be happy enjoy in their life. Those four people are exactly not happy. The thing that motivate them is victim from poor country. Those victim need their help, so they can not left them behind. These four people desire to help other in different ways. I don’t want to have that kind of life, because I want myself to be happy and free. Otherwise, I really want to help other people like them; but in different way.

  4. # I chose all of questions. I cannot judging accurately that who is the most danger and who has the most difficult life. They are all because courageous and admirable. I feel depressed because I am shamed. when I choose deluxe dinner menu, a lot of people still die from hunger somewhere. when I go to nail or hair shop for my beauty, they have not enough medicines and vaccines, so a lot of people die from diseases. They have not gotten to the minimum guarantee basic human rights. Actually, I didn’t much care and think about human rights and hunger seriously. I tell you henesty, because I couldn’t get their feelings directly. After I made many inernetional friends and started valunteer work, I little by little I am interested about it. While I am reading this stories, I thank you for how much I am happy. In fect, right now I can do anything for them. For example, I cannot do that give up my goals and Hawaii life and then donate all my money for them. also, I cannot do that go to their countiries to bring food or medicines for them, but I think we should don’t shift responsibilty back and forth, and stast to share our happiness with them, small thing is fine because better than nothing. Maybe our small continued interest helps to their life will improve in the future because we knew that ‘little things add up yo big things.’ I also agree that “all humans are created equal and we have rights that are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” from the declaration of independent.(I little bit fixed)

  5. emily0502 says:

    I think Juliana Dogbadzi, Ghana is the most courageous person. Because, she spent time too hard. but she naver give up her life….

  6. dwnfnal says:

    Q3. Yes, I think they are happy. They can get achievement in helping other people in pain. But I don’t like such life because I even cannot take care for myself.

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  8. Kelvin Ng says:

    Question 3. Yes they are happy. They wanted to save people who are poor so it motivates that people who want to help. Yes because i think helping people is a doing a good job.

  9. haruka217 says:

    I chose question2. I think Juliana Dogbadzi has the most difficult life because she was a slave to a fetish priest for 17 years. She spent very hard life there. Also now she is trying against Torokosi, and it is so dangerous.
    That’s why I chose her.
    See you tomorrow.

  10. Jason Ehliger says:

    I choosed number 4.
    I think Kailash Satyarthi is the most courageous men from this 5 people.
    Because he has many enemies who dont want that “their” children not working anymore in their factorys.

  11. liying says:

    Q4: In my opinion, Ghana’s people are the most courageous. Because they were become a slave more than 10 years, and had non-human life.That is terrible.

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