Part Six of The Bottle Imp & The Guggenheim Museum & More

Hi 332r friends!

  1. Please do the pre-reading exercises in your textbook for the Guggenheim Museum reading.
  2. Read the Guggenheim Museum article twice, using the audio version during the second reading.
  3. Post at least one link to the Quizlet Sets page, a link for one of your quizlet sets.
  4. Please read Part Six of The Bottle Imp. (I will put an audio version of this section on our audio page as soon as possible; you can read and listen to this section later in the weekend)
  5. Continue adding words and sets to your Vocabulary Blog and Quizlet Page.
  6. Do some Reading Comprehension work and add the screenshot results to your vocabulary blogs.
  7. You should have 9 OER website URLs on our OER page by the end of the weekend!!! (Please find websites with texts that are interesting for you, easy to read (you should know at least 95% of the vocabulary), free, and something that you can visit once or twice a week for new and interesting stories, etc. ) Our goal is to find English language reading materials online that we will want to read on a daily basis. Ask yourself, “will I really spend 15 or 20 minutes reading the texts on this website 2 or 3 times a week?” Do your best!

I’ll be adding more audio, links, and other good stuff to our website soon.

You are all awesome! Great work with the Vocabulary tests today! Everyone did well !

(^_^ )  🙂


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