April 16th Homework

Hi Kids!

For homework tonight, please do the following things:

  • Read the Guggenheim Museum story one more time (with audio). 
  • Complete  exercise 3 and exercise 4 on pages 179 and 180.
  • Also, choose two of the questions in exercise 5 on page 180 and leave a reply at the bottom of this post with your answers for these two questions. Compare your answers with your classmates’ answers. Also, you may choose to post a reply to the answer that a classmate has already given for one of the questions from exercise 5 on page 180.
  • Read The Architecture of Shanghai and Dubai on page 55 and 56.
  • Find a picture of a city on the Internet and share a link to this picture; also, tell us why you like this kind of city skyline. (see my example below)

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28 Responses to April 16th Homework

  1. help2013rick says:

    My favorite city skyline:

    I like small cities, cities on water, and old buildings. I also, like small villages in the mountains, but these villages are too small to have a skyline. Actually, I’m not sure that the town in my picture is big enough to have a “skyline.” Maybe skylines are only found in big cities with tall buildings. What do you think?

    My link is a picture of Stromness in northern Scotland. I’ve been there.


  2. Kelvin Ng says:

    My favourite city skyline

    I like this city skyline because there are high building, and it looks beautiful. And there will be a lot of people walking around the street so you wont feel that you were lonely.
    My link picture is from New York city. I wish that i will go there.

  3. Jimmy says:

    3. Yes, the architecture is the best way to understand the culture and history of the city. The city that impressed me the most is Beijing, the capital of China. Because I almost cannot see any old building in the city which was the capital of four dynasty. That tells us that the Chinese do not pay attention to history. This situation also made many foreign people unhappy. Since they want to see tho old history of China, not the same building they can see in their home country.
    4. Maybe I have been to the museum before, but I don’t remember. I was only two years old. On the other hand, when I see Guggenheim Museum in picture or movie. The design always make me praise.

  4. Jimmy says:

    My favorite skyline. Even I have a lot of dissatisfaction in Taipei. It is still the city which I lived for almost 30 years. There are also many beautiful scene in the biggest city of Taiwan.

  5. Joy says:

    Here is my “Best Best Best Skyline Pictures”


    I have been there twice but I want to go again, again, and again.
    Because of night view, it looks much better :-)! AWESOME
    I want to do fireworks in front of there :-)!!!<3<3<3<3


  6. Joy says:

    180P (53) Number 4!

    If you have seen the Guggenheim Museum, describe your reaction to it.

    When I saw Guggenheim first time, it looks snail ^_^! and it was not an innovative design than I thought. Only one thing that I liked about this museum was that it is located in NewYork.
    Inside of museum was really simple and clean….. I could see only a white color!
    If I remember aright, I took pictures 1000000times and went another place. :3


  7. Haruka217 says:

    My favorite city skyline:Greece
    I’ve never been there, but I really like Greek white buildings. The contrast with blue of ocean(also roofs) and white of buildings are so beautiful. I want to go there someday….



  8. Mana says:

    HI, My favorite skyline is Paris!!!
    Amazimg!!!! Especially I like second picture.
    I like sturucture of building!!!!
    So nice and the Eiffel Tower is awesome.

  9. Q5. I have been to Hawaii State Art Museum.
    I could see a lot of interesting paintings, sculptures, and quilts. Also, I learn all arts information from a guide who works the museum. Interestingly, most artists are local Japanese in there. I don’t have much knowledge, but leand hawaii arts, hawaiian language, and I did handipaint hawaiian language by wood engraving ( the oldest print machine in Hawaii)
    Also, I have been to The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.
    I could learn Hawaii history, cuture, and costoms. I remembered Wishing Stone.
    Lonf time a go, Hawaiians prayed for catching a lot of fishes before they went to fishing. Time goes by, people pray their wishs. I also prayed my wish. the shape is looks like humans. To according to a guide, the shape is non human made, it is natural shape.

    In korea students, they must go to feild trips every year. my generation usually went to museums. I heard young generation students go to museum also, but not very often. they go to amusement parks, water parks, overseas trips or domestic tours. I think we should vist museum because we learn ‘live knowledge’ there, and we should keep museums for next our generations. They will learn history, arts, culture in the future like me.

  10. Haruka217 says:

    Q1. He didn’t build conventional square and rectangular form of museum instead, he designed and built the new museum in shape of an inverted conical spiral.
    Q4. I haven’t seen it. I think the structure of this museum is complicated, but color is only white that makes it look simple. I googled the images of this museum, and I saw inside. I guess why inside is also only white is to visitors to be able to concentrate on the pictures.

    This is also Greece! I really want to go there! It’s not city skyline, but I just want to show it. Kefalonia island in Greece

  11. Eri says:

    My favorite skyline is Hong Kong Symphony lights!!
    I went there when I was a child and I still remembered how beautiful scenery they were.
    I want to visit there again, maybe someday!!!

  12. Q3. I like county side because I can relax with nature, so I love Hawaii.
    I also love watch starts on the beaches. However, big cities can not able to watch a lot of stars because air pollution, high buildings,and the buildings’ lights.
    I want to go to Alaska by cruise.
    I want to see auroas and touch glacier.

  13. Eri says:

    Q1, Exactly what is innovative about?—- The museum is essentially a long ramp that stars at ground level and spiral upward in five concentric turns, continually growing wider so that it opens out toward the top. Within the spiral is vast central space, illuminated primarily by a huge skylight. Wright boldly designed the new building in the shape of an inverted conical spiral, and convinced Solomon Guggenheim that this form would make a magnificent museum.
    Why did he choose?—- Because Wright believed that the helix was really the best shape for a picture gallery. He claimed that the conventional manner of displaying paintings in one dreary room after another distracts the attention of visitors by making them concerned with the condition of their feet rather than the masterpieces on the walls. At the Guggenheim, visitors would enter on the ground floor and be carried by elevator up to the top, where they would begin to slowly wind down along the spiral. (I’m sorry I could not write a good summary of this question, so I just make quotation from some important sentences. I’m not sure is it the right answer or not.)

    Q4, I have never been to the Guggenheim Museum, however it seems like very unique museum.
    I think this is very interesting to see the arts from many different angle and directions. It is also good to see the arts while I am walking down the ramp. Many museums has just standing and see the art. In this way, it is hard to see the arts from different angle and direction.

  14. Sambath Yann says:

    The most beautiful skyline that interesting me is San Francisco. I have never been there, but I hope I will go there someday soon this year in my break. Even thought it’s very cool, but I really want to stay for my vocation.


  15. Sambath Yann says:

    Q3: Anytime I travel to new cities, I really pay attention to the architecture. It really influence on me. San Francisco is the most attractive city that has the architecture impressed me, because there are many different kinds tall building with wonderful decoration.

    Q5: There many museums beside the art museums, such as army museum, animal museum and human body museum, and historical museum. I have been to Cambodia national museum. I really like it. There are many status from different temples in province of Cambodia. I think most people don’t like going to museum often. For my own idea, they would go often, because they can learn a lot from that museum. Farther more, they can tell the next generation about that museum. They can also gain general knowledge.

  16. help2013rick says:

    Where is your homework guys?!?!?!?!?

    Come on guys! This was not a lot of work!
    (>_< )

    Only 5 or 6 of you have done anything.

    (I'm proud of everyone who posted something above this post)

  17. emily0502 says:

    3.I went to Australia. It’s Fantastic!!!!!
    I could see very beautiful architecture…Moreover, I could learn history.
    5. I went to The national art center,Tokyo in Japan.
    It’s very new and good.

  18. kelvinn95 says:

    Ques 3. Yes I will pay attention to the architecture in the city, yes it influence me, but not much. I think New York City will impressed me the most because buildings in New York City is way to high and huge.

    Ques 5. I went before to a antique museums in China. I like about the weapons that they use for war in the past and things they use in their daily life. No I don’t think people will often go to the museum, no they shouldn’t because went to the museum once is already sufficient.

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