Exercise 6 (2, 3, 4)

Hi guys!

Group 1: Answer and discuss number 2 on page 192.
Group 2: Answer and discuss number 3 on page 192.
Group 3: Answer and discuss number 4 on page 192.

Answer and discuss these questions here; leave a reply.

3 Groups 4:19


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11 Responses to Exercise 6 (2, 3, 4)

  1. Eri says:

    Q4, Music as Poetry
    I like the lyrics about human’s life, happiness and love. I think most of the songs they sings about love, because love is the most emotional feeling for human being. It’s also essential for our lives. If there is no love in our lives, how can we lives? How can we inform our happiness? I cannot imagine. I like Christina Aguilera because she has very talent and powerful singer, also I like her personality. Every time when I listen to her songs, her songs touched my heart. I agree with her lyrics of the songs too. Most of her songs, she sings in English. If I have a chance, I wish I want to go to her concert and see her excellent performance!!

  2. Tsun-Yu Pan says:

    Q4, Music as Poetry
    I don’t care about the lyrics of songs. In fact, I take more attention on their melody. But most of my songs are about love or friendship. My favorite song is “Eternal Blaze” by Mizuki Nana. It is a Japanese dong, and the lyrics talk about a firm friendship. This is the song that make me know about Mizuki Nana. By the way, I like this song because its melody is strong and fast. The lyrics also tell us about the characters in the song who are believe their friendship never change.

    (Actually, my icon is a character who was dubbed by Mizuki Nana.)

  3. Jason Ehliger says:

    Q4, Music as Poetry
    I like lyrics about biatches, money and nice cars. haha no joking. πŸ˜‰
    I like the german actor Marteria. He has great lyrics. some lyrics are about his life and how hes handle it. He singing in german and english. I like him because hes really close to his fans.
    He is doing good concerts. I saw him 3 times and in Juli I see him again.

  4. Kelvin Ng says:

    Jason ok stop hahahaha

  5. Haruka217 says:

    Q2. Side Interests
    Lila also studies anthropology. Nancy has agreed to be the spokesperson for the International soft drink company, Coca Cola. Don popo works hard to create opportunities for other Colombian youth to have lives free of drugs, violence, and crime.
    I think all of three relate to their career because the more they show up media, the more they become famous, which means more people can listen to their music. It’s important for them because they need to show themselves for many people to become more popular.

  6. Emily says:

    I think music is an art. However, music nowadays becomes business since people are using their talents in music to become popular.

  7. I like Mroon5, Beyonce and Jay-z.
    I usually lesten American songs, my favorite genre is hip-hop because it is cool for me, also I can understand English so more fun. Alos, the beat makes me exciting, I feel freedom.
    I don’t know the other langueges, so not much interesting for me.
    I am a Korean, but I do not llike Kpop because I think too much change new songs so many young idol groups. In my opinion, still in Korea music markets, they went to find more pretty or handsome dance singers than good musicians..

  8. Sambath Yann says:

    Q4, Music as Poetry
    In any song I listen to, the first thing I am interested in is title then the lyric. I like many kind of music depending on the situation or event. Some lyric make me thinks about life. Many song contain emotional which make me floating through the song.

    The song bellow is the old song, but I always like listening to it.

  9. Rick says:

    Awesome Posts!

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