Homework for the Weekend

Hi 332R !

Please do the following:

  • The final test for The Bottle Imp is available now. 
    Please do this test at some point during the next few days.
  • Also, please post an answer for 2 of the questions in exercise 7 on page 229 or 230: (Joy, Mana, Sam, and Eri will do number 1 and number 2) (Jimmy, Jason, Kelvin, Haruka, and Chris will do number 3 and number 4) (Ying, Emily, Mishal, and Ari will do number 5 and number 6) Please post your answers at the bottom of this post.
  • Please do the following for your group’s newspaper article :
    – What is the topic of the article?
    – What is the problem in the article’s story?
    – Who are the people in the story?
    – What is the role of each person in the story?
    – What are the organizations in the story?
    – What is the role of each organization in the story?
    (You don’t have to read the whole article; Scan or skim for information to answer the questions)

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16 Responses to Homework for the Weekend

  1. Eri says:

    Q1, What is a curriculum vitae?
    It’s mean something like a resume that shows you what kinds of the parson who you are. What kinds of degree they got from Unversity or where do you work now. Curriculum vitae, a document, which lists information about a person’s education, work experience, and qualifications. People applying for a job are usually to send in their CV(Curriculum vitae).

    What does it normally list and for whom?
    Normally, there is no crime experience, usually they graduated from university, got a job, earn some money and living an ordinary life. This CV list is for employee who decide to hire the person or not. The list for personnel affairs.

    Q2, What is ironic about this?
    The irony talked about the person who work at the Harbour Light associate as a executive director. Gray Johnson asked if crime can be addictive, and he said “Absolutely” without no hesitation. Usually he should say “I don’t think so.” or “I objected to the matter.” But he said “I agree with that.” That is the thing that I think ironic about this article.

  2. Eri says:

    Q2, Harbour Light associate usually help the person who has alcohol addiction, however they steals Alcoholics Anonymous program. Maybe this is the ironic??? I really don’t understand.
    This is difficult question I think…..

    • help2013rick says:

      Yes, this question isn’t easy. Hopefully the others will help you with this one. Good Job! Also, you can watch the videos about irony again; Links to the videos can be found on our resources page.

  3. Eri says:

    Thanks, Rick
    I will try to watch the video again.

  4. Haruka217 says:

    p230 Q3.
    because the word: addiction is rather imprecise and often not “terribly helpful”, and people commit crimes for many reasons….? I’m not sure…. 😦 I don’t know why he calls it sexy.

  5. Sambath Yann says:

    Page: 229
    – What is a curriculum vitae?
    It is a brief biographical of a someone’s education background, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.

    – What does it normally list and for whom?
    In one’s life, we don’t know who used involve with crime. It normally list about someone’s background since they start school. They list is for someone who will work or hire those people to make the decision.

    What is ironic about this?
    I think the ironic is that the they don’t have any good experience, and they do so hard in stealing something. So it should be there good point.

    I am not sure that it is absolutely right, because it is my own thought.

  6. Kelvin Ng says:

    Ques 3. Because the word addiction is a bad action for having drugs. Yes i agree it. Having drugs.

    Ques 4. People who lack of money, No money. No because a lot of criminal are committing crimes because of lacking money.

  7. Jason Ehliger says:

    Q3: I agree with that.

    Q4: Some reasons are no money, no hope for future, no jobs.
    Most common reason are no money. Mostly they are foreign people who committing crimes.

  8. help2013rick says:

    It seems we have a lot of different ideas…

  9. haruka217 says:

    The most common reason is no money.
    Other reasons might be just enjoying thrilling, or the thief really really wanys to get something…?

  10. emily0502 says:

    4 and 5. I think praying is a good method. Moreover, the program is good, too. Because, they need to talk and concern to someone. So that, They can change themselves.

  11. Newspaper article

    Topic: New Technology Inspires a Rethinking of Light
    Problem: The LEDs cost more than a normal glass bulb
    People: Fred Maxik Chief technologz officer, Ed Crawford a senior vice president, Davis, Hugh Martin chief executive, Lori Brock director of research and innovation, Dr. Siminovitch U.C. Davis center
    Organizations: Edison’s, Philips, Osran Sylvania

  12. Mana says:

    What is a curriculum vitae?

    It is Lutin expression that is used alot in English.
    It means document which list information about People’e education carrer, work experience
    and qualifications. People applying for a job are usually aasked to send in their CV.

    What does it normally list and for whom?
    It usually write about peoson’s carrer which university person graduated or what the person did befor, the list shows peorson personality or their experience.

    Q2, What is ironic about this?
    It is difficult question…, I don’t know how to explain about this question.

  13. Q5. I think crime can be a spiritual problem. For example, a serial killer and psychopathy, they are impulsive than people, and they are immature cotrolled behaviors. Also, some of them are lack conscience or enjoy and get satisfation from people’s blood or fear.
    Q6. The Addition Anonymoud progrsm is somepeople study that crime can be an illess as tenacious as dpendency on alcohol or drugs from criminals. I think it is good idea, and I hope that they find out how reduce crimes and solutions.

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