3 questions

Post your 3 questions here:

• 2 questions for chapter 1 through chapter 5
• 1 question for chapter 6

Your questions can be multiple choice questions, true/false questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, or short answer questions, etc.

Answer the 6 questions that your other groups members have written:
Groups of 3
Sam: You can answer six questions among the 9 questions that Emily, Eri, and Mishal have written.

These answers will be due on Wednesday!
Have fun! (^_^ )


15 Responses to 3 questions

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  2. Eri says:

    ●Question 1 for chapter 6
    1, When Kokua woke up at night, how did her feels about Keawe?

    ●2questions for the rest of parts
    1, How did Keawe attracted to Kokua?
    2, How did Keawe and Lopaka found out the Bright House?

    • Sambath Yann says:

      Chapter 6 :
      1. She felt in the bed and his place was cold.

      The rest part:
      1. Kokua attracting Keawe by his true love for her and he dare do everything for her and doesn’t care even going to the hell.
      2. Keawe and Lopaka out the Bright House by a handed drawing of an architect.

  3. Haruka217 says:

    question of chapter 6
    When the old man met Kokua at first time, what did he think she was?What did he say to Kokua?
    question of chapter 3
    Where did Keawe see Kokua at first time?
    question of chapter 4
    How much did Keawe pay for the bottle?

  4. dwnfnal says:

    Q1. What did Kokua want the old man do?
    Q2. Why Keawa feel upset in part 4 and 5?
    Q3. What was Lopaka’s wish?

    • dwnfnal says:

      GOSH, I forget to change my name AGAIN. I’m Jimmy.

    • Answer 1) she wanted the old man cure his cough before give ( sell) the bottle to her.
      Answer 2) Ummmm… Did he feel upset??
      I think when he fell in love with Kokua and had the happiest time, he got leper. Therefore, he had to buy the bottle again to cure his disease. Unfortunately, the bottle’s last price was 2 cents, but he bought it. I think he shook with fear about bun in hell forever during part 4~5.( before told about the bottle with Kokua.
      Answer 3) he wanted to buy big schooners.

    • emily0502 says:

      She wana returen from the old man a bottle.

  5. My question
    1. In part 6, why they bought house opposite the British Consul’s, and spent a lot of money?
    2. a centime is equal value in a one cent. (True or False)
    3. Why Keawe told the truth about the bottle imp to Kokua?

    • Jimmy says:

      1. To let people know there are two Hawaiian want to do something.
      2. False
      3. He don’t want his wife be angry or misunderstand him.

  6. emily0502 says:

    Question 1 ( Part 6)
    Where did Kokua buy the bottle ? and How much and Why did she buy the bottle ?
    Qusetion 2 (part 1)
    When did the story start?
    How many caracters appear in the bottle imp are there ? ( How about part 1 to 6)

    Sorry.. I was tired yesterday. slept early…..

    • Eri says:

      1, Kokua bought the bottle in the street from the old man and it’s cost four centimes. Because she wants to save Keawe’s life.

      2, The story start when Keawe got the bottle imp from the man.

      3, 11 people

  7. maishal909 says:

    1- Where did the story take place?
    2-Who are the main characters?
    3-How she was a deft woman with her hands?

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