Please listen to the audio while reading the text with your eyes! Also, for The Bottle Imp, please open the audio version and PDF version in separate tabs. When you do this, you will be able to listen with your ears and read with your eyes at the same time. Got it?

As often as possible, please do the following steps:

  1. Read the text and study unknown words.
  2. Read the text again.
  3. Read the text while listening to the audio version.
  4. Once more, read the text while listening to the audio version.
  5. Listen to the audio version.
  6. Listen to the audio version again.

Executive Takes Chance on Pizza, Transforms Spain
Executive Takes Chance On Pizza, Transforms Spain
(good recording)

The Luncheon
The Luncheon

Confucius, 551 B.C.E-479 B.C.E
(good recording)

Courage Begins with One Voice
Courage Begins With One Voice
(good recording/ Rick Voice)

Guggenheim Museum
Guggenheim Museum, USA
(good recording)

Music Makes the World Go ‘Round
Music Makes the World Go ‘Round
(good recording/ Rick Voice)

Hooked on Crime
Hooked On Crime
(good recording)

Eye Witness
Eye Witness (Normal/ Tom Voice)
Eye Witness(Slow/Samantha Voice)

The Bottle Imp
Part One (The Bottle Imp)(normal/Samantha Voice)

Part Two (The Bottle Imp)(normal/Samantha Voice)

Part Three (The Bottle Imp)(normal/Samantha Voice)

Part Four (The Bottle Imp)(normal/Tom Voice)
Part Four (The Bottle Imp)(slow/Samantha Voice)

Part Five (The Bottle Imp)(slow/Samantha Voice)
Part Five (The Bottle Imp)(normal/Samantha Voice)

Part Six (The Bottle Imp) (slow/Samantha Voice)
Part Six (The Bottle Imp) (normal/Tom Voice)

Part Seven (The Bottle Imp) (slow/Smantha Voice)
Part Seven (The Bottle Imp)(normal/Tom Voice)


9 Responses to Audio

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  2. ToT oh, Rick, could you please post audio of Courage Begins With One Voice? 🙂

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  4. haha good!! Thank you so much!

  5. help2013rick says:

    Nobody has voted for the voices that they like best, so I will do a slow Samantha Voice and a normal Tom voice for the remaining readings. I hope that everyone likes this! Let me know!

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