Questions about our readings or exercises in the Textbook?

If you have any questions about our readings or exercises in the textbook, please post your questions here. Thanks!

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Homework for the Weekend

Hi 332R !

Please do the following:

  • The final test for The Bottle Imp is available now. 
    Please do this test at some point during the next few days.
  • Also, please post an answer for 2 of the questions in exercise 7 on page 229 or 230: (Joy, Mana, Sam, and Eri will do number 1 and number 2) (Jimmy, Jason, Kelvin, Haruka, and Chris will do number 3 and number 4) (Ying, Emily, Mishal, and Ari will do number 5 and number 6) Please post your answers at the bottom of this post.
  • Please do the following for your group’s newspaper article :
    – What is the topic of the article?
    – What is the problem in the article’s story?
    – Who are the people in the story?
    – What is the role of each person in the story?
    – What are the organizations in the story?
    – What is the role of each organization in the story?
    (You don’t have to read the whole article; Scan or skim for information to answer the questions)
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3 Questions!

A few people haven’t given me the 3 Questions for The Bottle Imp!

Please send me your 3 questions by email soon.

Make a vocabulary test for your classmate and bring it to class tomorrow!
(Remember! You can use words from the classmate’s Quizlet sets too!)

Do your best!

Also, please start work on Hooked On Crime. This will be one of our final readings from the textbook. Do exercises 1 and 2. Read the story. Do exercises 4, 5, and 6. Check your answers. Later, we will do exercise 7 online.

Hooked on Crime has a good audio version. 

If you have any questions, please meet with me!

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3 Questions for The Bottle Imp

For homework tonight, please make three questions for The Bottle Imp: one Multiple Choice question, one True/False Question, and one Fill-in-the-Blank question.

Do not post these question here! 

Bring these questions to class tomorrow!

You can make questions for any part of the story!

(^_^ )

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2nd Peer Vocabulary Test

Hi Everyone,

Please look at the names below. You will make a vocabulary test for the other person in your group. Haruka will make a vocabulary test for Ying, and Ying will make a vocabulary test for Haruka, etc. (Joy will make a test for Kelvin, Jason will make a test for Joy, and Kelvin will make a test for Jason) We will take these tests on Thursday. Soon!

2nd Vocabu Test Partners

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