In this course you will read authentic material in a textbook with a focus on an academic subject in the social sciences, such as history or sociology, which you would find in any college or university. The class will focus on developing the important reading skills of finding the main ideas and supporting details, distinguishing fact from opinion, and increasing academic vocabulary.



Required textbook:  Reading Connections 2, 2013

Additional Materials: Provided by the Instructor as needed



  • Reading strategy work
  • Pair and group discussion
  • Short stories and Newspaper Articles for intensive study
  • Individual, pair or small group presentations
  • Short writing activities
  • Vocabulary log, blog, or journal
  • Traditional Extensive Reading & Online Extensive Reading Project



Your instructor is Rick Schoonmaker. He cares about you and wants for this course to be valuable and enjoyable for you. If you have any concerns or worries about the work that you are doing in this class, you must meet with Rick and talk with him about these concerns. Please contact Rick at any time; you have his email address and telephone phone number.



Participation = 100%

15% Extensive Reading & Online Extensive Reading Project

40% Classwork, Group Work, & Homework

15% One Presentation

15% Vocabulary & Reading Blog (or Journal)

15% Reading Comprehension Exercises & Quizzes


Student Learning Outcomes & Objectives

  • Students will learn vocabulary for academic reading and methods for vocabulary study. They will make a vocabulary blog and master vocabulary learning resources. 
  • Students will learn the value of Extensive Reading, do Extensive Reading, and find Online Extensive Reading resources for themselves.
  • Students will increase their reading speed for finding information in academic texts.
  • Students will master a variety of metacognitive reading strategies.
  • Students will develop their ability to find main ideas and supporting details in authentic academic texts.

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